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Thank you for visiting PeerEze Fashion and Home.  Sounds like a big fancy internet store, right?  In reality, it's just a guy in Metro Atlanta who's offering tested, resale goods (mostly electronics) for sale at competitive prices in an effort to help his daughter through school.

You see, it occurred to me that a lot of memories were stored away on old media such as VHS tapes, formats with players that were no longer available.  Since that is a challenge likely shared by others, why not make some systems available when possible that could play that media at a fair price, with multiple ways to pay?  And PeerEze Fashion & Home was born.

Here's where you'll find VCRs, appliances, radios and more from time-to-time, all cleaned, tested and ready for use again, usually with videos of the units working for some buyer peace of mind.  I will not sell gear that does not work without fully disclosing the problem found, and the price WILL be consistent with the condition.  As it is written on the product pages, the gear is still available if the page is viewable.  But please write or text me at (678) 926-8119 for availability anyway even if the page is still up.  Again, this is a real human being, a consumer just like you who plays fairly and strives to do the right thing.  So please shop around.