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Your Privacy Matters

There are real people behind PeerEze Fashion & Home, consumers who are just as concerned about privacy as you.  PeerEze Fashion & Home respects the privacy of our visitors.  The site, (a Google Blogger Site), uses encryption to protect visitor information shared here and we do not deliberately add cookies to any visiting devices (third party sites accessed via links here and Blogger will for tracking purposes, we don't).  Consumers with concerns about installed cookies should consider removing them after visiting this site.

Types of data collected

  • Names, Email addresses, phone numbers if provided

How collected data is used

  • PeerEze Fashion & Home collects consumer information when provided through the "Contact Us" page and when users opt in to newsletters.  Other non-personal, general information is captured through Google Analytics for site analysis and search engine optimization that includes visitor behavior, demographics, geography, device use and referring sites.  Those with concerns should become familiar with the privacy policies at Google Analytics and any third-party site accessed through 
  • The site phone number on the home page is text-enabled. Consumer phone numbers are used only when contact has been requested by telephone call.  The information collected by PeerEze Fashion & Home is not shared with anyone. 
Updated July 19, 2019